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Making pregnancy and childbirth safer for Sierra Leone’s mothers

A unique partnership between Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) which has trained over 376 midwives, means that today Sierra Leone has almost four times the number of trained midwives than we had in 2010.

The 61 that graduated last month, as part of the President’s Recovery Priorities’ focus on reducing maternal and child mortality rates, increases the likelihood of a safe pregnancy and birth for Sierra Leone’s women and their babies.

A 2007 study by the World Health Organisation shows there is mounting evidence linking midwifery care with reduced maternal and newborn deaths. Supporting these findings is a UNFPA 2008 study which shows that when the number of midwives increases, the number of women who die decreases.

Commenting on Sierra Leone’s commitment to make pregnancy and birth safer, Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister, Madam Madina Rahman said that the Free Health Care Initiative and the concerted effort of health partners and the Ministry to provide trained midwives means that more women will have access to appropriate standards of care during pregnancy and delivery.

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