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Extension to the President's Delivery Team 

Following its closing event in June this year, the President's Delivery Team has received an extension from DFID until the end of November 2017 to further embed President's Recovery Priorities systems and processes within MDAs and to continue supporting the implementation of selected initiatives in Health and Education which are between 50%-75% complete and  to provide further support to longer term projects in the Water and Energy sectors. These are in addition to a new initiative to support revenue generation in the Freetown City Council and the Western Area Rural district council.


  • Clean payroll and reallocate teachers

  • Reduce unapproved schools

  • Construct 500 furnished classrooms (Phase 2)

  • School feeding programme


  • Rehabilitate existing Freetown water supply infrastructure and implement pro-poor water supply ( post PRP completion ) 


  • Strengthen  the national community health worker programme

  • Strengthen  the  Drug supply chain system

  • Develop a functional national ambulance service

  • Improve community sanitation

​ Initiatives:
  • Install electricity in schools, hospitals and other institutions and build solar systems (UNOPS)
  • Establish collection account and sector wide budget
  • Complete T&D upgrades in Western Area and Wellington Express line plus kick-starting the CEC project
  • 30 MW HFO IPP
  • 30 MW HFO Government Owned
  • 14-15 MW Grid solar
  • Increase property tax base
  • Improve management of property tax with focus on tax efficiency, effectiveness and equity 
  • Enhance revenue mobilization strategy ( post PRP completion)
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