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The Ministry of Energy is leading planning and delivery in this priority sector.

The Key Result Areas for this Priority Sector are to:


Double access to electricity from 125,000 to 250,000 households


Double the total operational power generation capacity from 75MW to 150MW



Mr Henry Macauley, Minister of Energy: 

In alignment with the Agenda for Prosperity and the Ministry of Energy’s National Strategic Plan 2014-2018, the Ministry of Energy together with its agencies for sector regulation, power generation, transmission and distribution, is desirous to implement access to clean energy nationwide. In this regard, the Government is progressing with the implementation of this agenda through the deployment of energy projects that will have the following desired outcomes: 

The doubling of the nation’s energy generation capacity 

The sector will work with leading private sector providers to double operational power output on the grid from 75MW to 150MW by the end of 2017, through a mixture of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, including off-grid power solutions to service a number of hospitals, health facilities and schools. 

Increasing the nation’s access to power 

The sector is expanding its transmission network, and will double access to electricity from 125,000 to 250,000 households by the end 2017. Communities and businesses within Bo, Kenema, Koidu, as well as the many unserved communities in the country will all benefit from this increase. 

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