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Planning and delivery for this priority sector is led by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.

The Key Result Area in this priority sector is improved service delivery and efficiency of Government spending for recovery priority sectors 

Mr Abu Bangura, General Manager, Sierra Leone Ports Authority: 

"We will drive down the time and costs of doing business through the port at Freetown, simplifying and demystifying clearance and export tariffs and processes, and ensuring crucial medical and agricultural supplies get to where they need to be quickly."

Mr Ady Macauley, Commissioner, Anti-Corruption Commission: 

"We will roll out the ‘Pay No Bribe’ Campaign, which puts the weapons to beat the evil of corruption in Sierra Leone into the hands of the public. It allows individuals to tell us in confidence when they have been asked to pay a bribe for health, education, water, power and police services.


"Ministries and Agencies will act on this information to tackle bribery ‘hotspots’ and will report back to the public on the action they have taken."

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