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The key result areas in this sector are to:

Provide access to safe, affordable and sustainable water supply services to 600,000 people in Freetown.

Provide safe water supply to over 700,000 people in the provinces.

Mr Momodu Maligi, Minister of Water Resources: 

"Water is the source of all life and our country needs clean, safe and reliable water supply. During the Recovery period, we will work with donor partners to make sure that our water infrastructure is upgraded, catchment areas stabilised and public management of water reformed. 

"Guma Valley was built over 50 years ago to serve a maximum population of 500,000 people. With Guma now servicing over one million people, we will act quickly to improve the availability of water by rehabilitating our service reservoirs that are currently out of service and pumping stations, extending access to 600,000 people in the process. We will do this by rehabilitating crucial Freetown water supply infrastructure, including those at Allen Town, Regent, Gloucester, Kaningo, Hill Station and Wilberforce so that communities serviced by those systems experience greater reliability of water supply. 

"We will work with the Ministry of Agriculture to regenerate and reforest 90% of the water catchment areas under serious threat to safeguard water security. With your support, we will ensure these areas are protected. 

Working with Local Councils and SALWACO, we will extend water access to over 700,000 people in the districts by rehabilitating, deepening and constructing water supply systems, thus reducing reliance on contaminated surface water and improving their health, welfare and economies."

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