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"Critical lessons have been learned from the President’s Recovery Priorities' delivery mode

“The period preceding the inception of the President’s Recovery Priority programme was a tough time in the history of Sierra Leone, having to deal with the twin shocks of the Ebola virus disease outbreak and the fall in the global price of the country’s leading export commodity, iron ore, by 60% during 2014-2015.

“Our economy experienced significant pressure as a result. Growth in GDP plummeted from 20.2 percent in 2013 to 4.7 percent in 2014 and minus 21.5 percent in 2015. These effects lingered on, owing to widespread impact on many other macroeconomic variables, including weakening monetary and fiscal positions.

“The country’s human development front was also badly affected, including education, healthcare and social protection, thereby heightening poverty and vulnerability levels.

“Nonetheless, invaluable lessons were learned by our Government towards charting a better path to sustainable development for Sierra Leone.

“A comprehensive national recovery strategy was crafted to bridge the development gap caused by the twin shocks within the framework of implementation of the country’s Agenda for Prosperity. The focus of the recovery has been on key development areas—the President’s Recovery Priorities which have been a tremendous success thanks to our highly esteemed Development Partners and the International Community for their sustained support to the recovery process.

“Critical lessons have been learned from the President’s Recovery Priorities' delivery model, which we have found to be worthy of further application in the restructuring and transformation of the economy going forward.

“The delivery process has been a great success in producing results in key initiatives, including the School Feeding Programme; Access to Agricultural Inputs; Dry Season Water Supply; Health Systems Strengthening; Institutional Feeding; and Operation Clean Freetown. This delivery approach allowed for greater collaboration between Ministries, Departments and Agencies thereby maximising efficiency in delivering results in these areas.

“Going forward, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development will focus on supporting the various transition plans from recovery back to the normal and sustainable implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity and successor national development plans.

“On behalf the Government of Sierra Leone, I would like to thank all Development Partners for the unflinching support provided to the recovery process. All MDAs, District, Chiefdom Councils and the People of Sierra Leone deserve high recognition and gratitude, as well as the Office of the Chief of Staff and the President’s Priority Delivery Team for having worked collaboratively and successfully in making the process a success.”

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