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Youth Groups Interested in a Career in Waste Management

*Calling Youth Groups Interested in Running their own Business in Waste Management*

Young Sierra Leonean youth groups are being invited to set up cooperatives to apply to operate commercial waste management services in the community where they live.

Successful community groups will receive a start-up kit, ongoing business support, waste management training and the chance to run their own businesses

The closing deadline has been extended for youth groups interested in business opportunities in waste management in the wards listed below. This is because we have had less than the required number of applications from these wards.

Please take some time to go through the wards and see if your ward is listed. We have also included the area.

The new deadline is: 21st February 2017

Forms are available at Freetown City Council and WARD C. Please note that Tuesday is the only available day to collect and submit forms, because of the extended weekend.

326 - Leciester, Gloucester, Regent, Bathurst, Shallot, Motem, Mongbagba, Kamada Farm, Tree Planting, motomeh, Mosimbo, Hill Top, Gbangnayilla

327 - Partial parts of: Grafton, Roke, Yams Farm, Devil Hole, Deept Eye Water

331 - Goderich, Over Funkia

332 - Gbendehbu, Majay Town, Fonima, Bauya, Dodo, Battalion

333 - Goderich, Mecthem, Adonkia, Angola Town, Milton Margai College

341 - Soja Town, Kossoh Town, Gbansian, Congo Town, Salankotor

349 - Robis

350 - Industrial Estate

355 - Portee

356 - Jalloh terrace

357 - Thunder hill

358 - low cost housing and shell

359 - Kissy mess mess

361 - Kissy bye pass 11 and part of shell

362 - Kissy bye pass 1 section

363 - Mambarigde 11 and kissy mental

364 - Part of kissy brook, mambaridge 1

366 - Ashobi conner and part of kissy brook

367 - Cline Town

368 - Quarry and part of Fourabay

370 - Ginger hall

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