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Listen to the latest programme from the radio series.

In the latest programme in the 'Leh we make Salone grow' series, the President's Delivery Team report on a successful cassava farm brought about by the Labour Intensive Public Works scheme.

On the 7 November, one year from the official declaration of the end of Ebola, Sierra Leone stood silent remembering the family and friends lost to Ebola. Our team ask people around the country, how they commemorated the day and look at the steps the Ministry of Health is taking to make sure that we are able to keep Sierra Leone free from epidemics.

The President's Recovery Priorities institutional feeding strategy requires local rice. We travel to Makeni to see how a local entrepreneur's rice mill is supporting smallholder farming and making local rice the rice of choice. Listen as the President's Delivery Team travels around the country asking people how they find the process of recovery.

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