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The influence and experience of traditional leaders is vital to the successful delivery of the Presi

Ebola don go, leh we make Salone grow!

Following the launch of the President’s Recovery Priorities in Magburaka last week, comprehensive information on district and chiefdom initiatives is being shared with Paramount Chiefs and traditional leaders this week, and they are being asked to use their influence to help monitor delivery of the second phase of the recovery process as it is rolled out across Sierra Leone.

In a series of meetings with the country’s traditional leaders, spokespeople from the seven priority sectors - education, energy, governance, health, private sector development, social protection and water – will explain how their plans will boost economic and social development in the regions and provide precise information on what the recovery process will deliver in each chiefdom and by what date.

As well as ensuring that Sierra Leone’s traditional leaders are fully informed of the recovery process, the meetings are also intended to secure their help and support in tracking and monitoring its progress.

Managing delivery of the recovery process is the Chief of Staff, Saidu Conton-Sesay, who stresses the importance of transparency saying: “Providing precise information on the activities that will improve the country’s health, energy, education, governance, private sector, social protection and water, via our website and social media, through the media and in meetings across the country, will contribute to a culture of accountability that will help drive the progress of our recovery.”

Engaging widely with stakeholders in the planning and delivery process has been an important principle of the President’s Recovery Priorities. As Saidu Conton-Sesay says: “The experience and expertise of 11 ministries, departments and agencies, the advice and experience of district chairs, traditional and community leaders, the support of international funding partners, the delivery expertise of national and international implementing partners, the active participation of civil society organisations and the lessons emerging from an independent process of evaluation, have been brought together in a recovery plan which has the potential to deliver significant benefits to the citizens and the economy of Sierra Leone.”

These regional meetings are the beginning of an ongoing programme of nationwide and diaspora engagement which aims to help Sierra Leone’s citizens play an active role in driving the process of social and economic recovery.

Information on the 146 initiatives that will combine to boost development across the seven priority sectors is being made available through traditional and social media, on the website, through information sharing events as well as community and face to face meetings.

A new downloadable guide which provides a quick overview of the President’s Recovery Priorities and the delivery process is now available on the website as well as news updates, independent evaluations and other useful resources.

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