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Civil Society and religious leaders invited to referee delivery of the President’s Recovery Prioriti

Civil Society and religious leaders invited to referee delivery of the President’s Recovery Priorities

At a preview of the President’s Recovery Priorities for civil society organisations and religious leaders on 14 June 2016 at the Miatta Conference Hall, Saidu Conton-Sesay, the Chief of Staff told participants that he would appreciate it if they could play the role of referees during the implementation of the programme. “Every sector of society has a part to play in Sierra Leone’s recovery. Some are planners, others will handle implementation, while others could serve as monitors and evaluators. We need you to take on an independent tracking and evaluation role, to hold the service providers accountable and to be the referees.”

The meeting was organised by the Delivery Team for the President’s Recovery Priorities in conjunction with leading civil society organisations who had expressed their interest in independently overseeing and evaluating delivery and results. It was another step in the President’s Recovery Priorities strategy of transparency which is intended to secure nationwide stakeholder participation in service delivery and accountability of service providers.

Saidu Conton-Sesay, Chief of Staff, welcomed over 200 representatives from religious and civil society groups, saying: “We are opening ourselves up to scrutiny because we need your help in ensuring the accountability of the delivery process. Your independence gives you a unique viewpoint.”

He explained that the recovery process is focused on seven priority sectors - education, energy, governance, health, private sector, social protection and water, and that it is intended to restore Sierra Leone’s economy following the double impact of Ebola and the commodities slump. “Your position as independent observers is of great value. We expect you to hold us and the ministries, departments and agencies accountable as the second phase of the recovery process is put into action.”

Detailed final plans for the seven priority sectors will be uploaded on the President’s Recovery Priorities website

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